Zebedee: Platform allows you to earn bitcoins by playing Counter Strike

Zebedee is a platform and cryptocurrency wallet that has developed a rewards system in bitcoin (BTC) for playing Counter Strike, being that it has closed its Series A financing round, with which it has managed to raise close to USD 11,5 million .

The company defines itself as a provider of "virtual payments for virtual worlds", which can be consolidated as a revolutionary platform, which uses bitcoins to create a gaming ecosystem in which it is possible to earn rewards in BTC with payments to over the Lightning network. This implementation can be integrated into games already established in the community, such as Counter Strike.

The platform is divided into two structures: wallet and reward system. The wallet integrates the technology of the Lightning network to receive and send payments in BTC instantly and with very low commissions. For its part, the rewards system is called Infuse and works as a thread that modifies the original experience offered by the game. In this way, it gives the option to receive rewards in BTC through the Lightning network.

In fact, Counter Strike, one of the established games that Infuse works on, allows you to earn rewards in BTC, for each enemy killed in games.

On the other hand, through an announcement on its official website, it was possible to meet some of the companies that participated in this financing round, such as Initial Capitals. In fact, Zebedee was his first investment in projects within the bitcoin and cryptoassets industry.

The investment received will be destined to the growth of the platform, offering better tools that allow developers to integrate Zebedee within their games or platforms. Likewise, the geographic expansion of the company is expected.

According to Criptonoticias, with the growth of the platform, they could run into regulations that, if not addressed correctly, would impede the subsequent development of the platform, for which, according to the published statement, Zebedee will seek to increase the capacity to comply with regulations and provisions of the governments.



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