It breaks its record again, bitcoin reaches USD 60 thousand

Bitcoin has once again had an impressive day in this 2021, as we announced in previous notes, the popular cryptocurrency made news by reaching historical peaks since the beginning of the year, however, this streak has been maintained, to the point that last Saturday bitcoin has reached the historical value of 60 thousand US dollars.

One of the possible factors that has contributed to bitcoin continuing to climb in value could be due to optimism in the financial markets, as US President Joe Biden has ratified a bill of monetary aid for the US citizens of 1.9 billion dollars, according to what was indicated by the Mexican portal The financial.

In the same way as in the previous reports on the historical peaks that bitcoin has been reaching throughout this year, there is some concern that this exponential growth will be truncated with a strong correction, and in a more pessimistic scenario that there will be an explosion of the "bubble".

However, there are those who are also optimistic that the growth of the value of the cryptocurrency will continue to increase, such as the car company Tesla, who made a purchase of US $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin last month, according to what was reported. through the portal The Millenium.

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