Venezuela: Six Bitcoin Miners Released

A few days ago, it was announced the release of six Bitcoin miners who were arrested by the police forces for operating without a license in the city of Puerto Ordaz in the state of Bolívar, as reported by Criptonoticias.

This arrest is not an isolated event, on the contrary, it is a recurring situation in different Venezuelan cities, which has been executed by the police and military forces, and that in addition to making the arrests, they seize the equipment of Bitcoin miners.

It is worth mentioning that the Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities (SUNACRIP) - regulator and supervisor of activities involving crypto assets - together with representatives of the Public Ministry interceded in this case in order to achieve the release of the detained miners. It should be noted that in a meeting sponsored by SUNACRIP, it was specified that the police forces must have the presence of representatives of the aforementioned entity, when the police carry out operations in homes for cases of mining without a license. 

In this regard, the National Association of Cryptocurrencies (ASONACRIP) of Venezuela expressed its disagreement with the arrests, highlighting the legality of the digital mining activity, and specifying that the exercise of this activity without a license represents a fault, but not a crime; reason for which, it is not appropriate to make arrests.

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