Uses of the blockchain for the sustainability of the seafood industry

According to the UN report, "Blockchain application in seafood value chains"This technology would be very useful for managing the supply chain of marine products given its ability to provide transparency and traceability," he said. Cointelegraph.

According to a report, fish and fishery products are some of the most commercialized products in the world. This has led the market for these products to grow consistently, therefore, ensuring their sustainability is an important objective. Likewise, it is imperative that they comply with sustainable supply policies and with fair trade and social standards.

The problem is that the suppliers of these products use ineffective methods to track the origin of their products. Therefore, blockchain technology is presented as a viable and effective tool for tracking the supply chain of seafood.

In this sense, the tracking tool includes the identification and automatic registration of a product when it enters the supply chain, in addition to transactions in the supply chain and transactions related to products that leave the supply chain.

According to the report, this technology has verifiable benefits with the use of a centralized online platform, since it could not accommodate all scenarios in the supply chain while monitoring each transaction, in addition to their cost is quite high and they often cause confusion regarding their property.

In contrast to the above, we have blockchain technology that serves as a distributed ledger that guarantees that each entity in the supply chain can be aware of all the transactions that are carried out in the network. Additionally, in the latter there would be no single authority in charge of its management, since all the information would be distributed among its participants.

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