USA: Democrats propose to limit the businesses of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple

On Tuesday, October 06 of this year, a panel of the House of Representatives with a majority of Democratic legislators presented a report before the US Congress, by which they requested that the companies Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple be forced to separate their internet platforms from other lines of business, because according to the report, they would have taken advantage of their dominance to eradicate competition and stifle innovation.

The aforementioned report contains a 16-month investigation into the market power held by the aforementioned technology giants, and on which it mentions that Facebook and Google have monopoly power, while Apple and Amazon have significant and lasting market power. It also contains a series of recommendations to implement a regulation that forces these companies to separate their internet platforms from other lines of business.

It is important to note that according to the portal Scope, Republican legislators from the House of Representatives panel that prepared the aforementioned report did not sign the document as they do not share with all the recommendations contained in the document; however, they did mention that they share concerns about the size of the tech giants.

On the other hand, according to what is mentioned by the portal Expansion, Amazon has issued a statement regarding the aforementioned report, pointing out that large companies are not dominant by definition and that it is wrong to consider that success can only be the result of anti-competitive behavior.


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