Twitter deletes 70 accounts of Trump followers

As we mentioned in a previous note, Twitter decided to permanently suspend Donald Trump's account for spreading messages that incited violence in the framework of the events that occurred during the capture of the Capitol in Washington.

However, hate speech continued by Trump supporters, who brought up discussions about the veracity of the QAnon conspiracy theory, the theory that there is a "deep state" within the United States, which would be involved in serious cases of pedophilia networks in the upper echelons of power, and who precisely consider Donald Trump as one of their main fighters against this Deep State, according to what was mentioned by with the BBC.

In this regard, Twitter chose to eliminate more than 70 accounts that apologized to the QAnon theory, and that pointed out that in the elections in the United States, Trump's re-election was stolen. In that sense, Twitter considered that the messages would mislead the rest of the users of the social network, by spreading misleading information about the elections, the same that would go along the same lines as Trump's violent expressions, after inciting and supporting the taking of the Capitol in Washington, as mentioned in The New York Times.

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