Trezor Suite: new desktop version introduces security and privacy improvements

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The manufacturer of hardware wallets for bitcoin, Trezor, announced the launch of a new desktop application, which will be available for PC desktop and web browser, replacing the previous browser interface.

According to Criptonoticias, the new application, Trezor Suite, will be in a trial version until 2022 and will be available for Windows, MacOS and Linux to be used in a web browser and in a standalone program. This version is important since it prevents hackers from creating false versions of the page to steal, with which the new version provides better protection and reduces the percentage of vulnerability that could cause users to lose keys or coins.

Also, this new version of the application stands out for its privacy, security and easy use. Indeed, it allows the easy and safe use of cryptocurrencies by users since it shows an image of the available assets and a graph of deposits and withdrawals. In the same way, the application seeks to mitigate the risk of phishing, which is frequently used to obtain confidential information from the user by posing as a trusted entity, while the new version isolates cloned sites and malicious links.

In turn, the new version offers details on the privacy features, in effect, a button has been added to activate Tor, which automatically generates new addresses for each transaction, adding locktime and discrete mode.

On the other hand, it was announced that soon, in terms of security, full node support will be adopted, as well as a password manager, all to complement the security of the application for the benefit of users.

Lastly, Trezor reported that it will release an early access module, which will allow some users to test new features before they are incorporated into production software.

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