Blockchain technology used to innovate mobile device SIMs

It was recently announced that Verizon, a giant telecommunications company, obtained the registration of a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which would allow you to design virtual SIM cards, thus replacing the traditional physical cards that all telephone users have on our mobile devices.

The aforementioned innovation would be possible thanks to blockchain technology, commonly known as "blockchain", through which virtual SIM cards would be encrypted. As detailed in the file of the American authority, the company filed last September 10 the patent application which contains the description of the procedure that would be implemented (blockchain encryption technology) so that the physical SIM cards can be replaced by a digital version (vSIMs).

The technology used for these new products would not diminish its security, on the contrary, it would increase it given the existence of a single copy of the vSIM on one mobile device at a time. In fact, since said virtual SIMs are backed by a virtual subscriber identity in charge of registering, verifying and storing a network service associated with the device through a user account, the risk of any third party accessing the information of said vSIM is reduced .

This does not prevent the vSIM from being retrieved or transferred between devices associated with the same user account or temporarily assigned to other users, which would be handled through a vSIM platform by a wireless service provider.

The use of technology as exposed to devise improvements in products in general (technological or not) is more than welcome, considering that in recent times the risk of fraud, bribery, among others, has increased exponentially ; mainly affecting the security measures associated with technological products, including physical SIM cards. Proof of this would be the bribery attempts to which Verizon personnel would have been exposed in exchange for obtaining the exchange of information on SIM cards. In the digital era in which we live it is necessary to use technology to rethink innovation and improve products for the satisfaction of a greater number of users.

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Erika Rios
Erika is a lawyer from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). He has experience in banking regulatory advice and financial transactions, mainly in financing with local and foreign financial entities. He currently works at Vodanovic Legal, an expert legal firm in financial law issues. He specializes in Banking Regulation and Fintech.


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