Edward Snowden would be considering using bitcoins to manage the royalties of his new book


The September 17, the new book of the former CIA and NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, entitled Permanent Record, which narrates his memoirs and makes public secret information of the United States.

The publication of this book has not been well seen by the American agencies (CIA, NSA). In fact, recently The United States has sued Snowden for having breached their confidentiality commitments following the publication of this book. However, far from the US country seeking to censor the book, what it seeks is to keep the proceeds of the sale.

In this context, Snowden has seen the possibility of using bitcoins to manage and keep the profits from the sale of his book. This would have been hinted at from the following tweet:

Previously, Snowden participated in the Annual Bitcoin 2019 Conference, held on June 25 and 26 in San Francisco, United States, where he highlighted the freedom offered by Bitcoin and the ability it offers to make value exchanges without asking for Permits to governments.

Also, Edward Snowden said that the freedom conferred by Bitcoin would be the basis for exercising our other rights. However, he noted that although there is currently freedom of expression, exchange platforms do not enjoy this freedom, as they are beginning to be monitored and require mandatory documents and information.

Snowden stressed that mass surveillance is not a public safety problem, but of power. Therefore, he noted that this massive surveillance, far from solving problems, has made them worse.

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