TIME magazine joins the companies that will keep bitcoins on financial balance sheets

Recently, the CEO of Grayscale, Michael Sonnenshein, announced a partnership between his company and TIME magazine to create a series of educational videos about cryptocurrencies, the same that TIME would be paid in bitcoin and that, according to said company, will keep it in its balance sheet, thus joining companies such as MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square and others that still keep the popular cryptocurrency on their balance sheets, as a reserve of value assets; according to what is indicated by The Street.

According to Sonnenshein, the video series will arrive this summer and will explain about the crypto space, however, TIME magazine's interest in cryptocurrencies would not only materialize in this partnership, but the popular magazine would have been looking, through the professional social network LinkedIn, a CFO with knowledge and acceptance towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, TIME magazine would already have experience with the popular non-fungible tokens (NFT) after making 3 sales of its covers using this resource through the SuperRare market, which reflects an evident interest in the world of crypto assets, probably as a hedge to protect against eventual inflation, according to Bitcoin Magazine.

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