What is Wow Legal Experience?

WOW Legal Experience is a Legal Design agency aimed at optimizing the complex legal ecosystem made up of different analog and digital components that are often designed thinking of an end user who is knowledgeable about the law, when in reality, most of the time, the end user and about Those who affect the consequences of the design of the components of the legal system are ordinary people who do not handle such complexities. Remember that Legal Design is a mentality that involves research to imagine how the system could work better, specifically, preventing or solving legal problems. The results of this analysis are manifested in tangible actions, always aligned with access to justice (A2J) and an easier law. Legal Design involves several disciplines, obviously highlighting design and Law.

As an agency, what we do is apply diverse methodologies, technology and the different disciplines that involve the user experience to create and co-create WOW (memorable) experiences for those who interact with the products and services with which we work. We become "partners" of the business, helping to improve and simplify it. We do this by working with our clients to understand their goals, visions, and ideas and transform them into design concepts that are memorable and effective, as well as creating a desire-level emotional response for consumers.

At WOW Legal Experience we believe that the basis of any change in mentality and transformation is self-discovery and why the change is necessary, for this reason we have worked on different training projects with various teams, both legal and entrepreneurial and IT seeking to identify improvement opportunities to develop better products and services for its customers, both internal and external. We make a diagnosis supported by data and meetings with the teams to see the current situation, and based on this, we propose points for improvement, design and redesign. This includes document improvement (not just contracts), process improvements and redesign, with a focus on user experience and application of available technologies.

We have worked with organizations such as Clifford Chance (workshops for the IT team), the Society of Law and Technology (courses in Legal Design and Service Design), the Observatory of Lawyers of Argentina, the Universidad Católica San Pablo of Peru, and the Presidency of Council of Ministers, also from Peru. We are currently with the College of Notaries of Peru and with a court. On the other hand, our team teaches classes at universities, writes or collaborates in different publications in well-known publishers and media such as Thompson Reuters, Legal Business World, among others. Finally, we participate as juries and participants in different hackathons worldwide.

Behind WOW are Luis Urbina, IT engineer and MBA, with a lot of knowledge of the sector, its pains, as well as its challenges, and Karol valencia, a lawyer and potential designer, who provide the knowledge of the sector and the hybrid design profile. Both are on a mission to create WOW experiences within the legal ecosystem.

To contact us write to our social networks: linkedin e Instagram, or write to the address: karol@karolvalencia.com. We also invite you to read our blog at Medium

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Karol valencia
She works as a Legal Project Leader and Legal Services Designer at eID and also works as a Service and Innovation Designer at Lawcus-LPM. He develops private consulting and focuses on projects and services with a holistic perspective through his Karol Valencia brand (worldwide and remotely) and is Head of the Community at Eye Z Legal (India). She is an active member of the Institute for Internet & The Just Society, also works in the #Barpocalypse project for the redesign of legal education in the US and is the ambassador in LATAM of ILSA (Innovative Law Studies Association). As a polyglot, you work on the translation of various technical documents, articles, books, articles and more when requested or simultaneously translated as an interpreter at events. She is a lawyer from the Universidad Católica San Pablo, with postgraduate studies at the PUCP, and has a law degree from the UEM in Madrid, Spain. With training in digital transformation, innovation, programming and design in "En Estado Beta", "Iron Hack" and "Interaction Design Foundation"; In a self-taught way, he participates in communities such as Legal Hackers Lima, PsychoLAWgy and others, in addition to different volunteer jobs. Former professor at the UPN. Facilitator and international speaker at Legal Design & Legal Tech. Activist on mental health issues. He currently collaborates with columns and blogs such as: The Crypto Legal, his Medium account, Idealex.press and Impact Lawyers. He believes in redesigning the legal system to achieve better access to justice for all. Contact: karol@karolvalencia.com


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