The PGEU considers that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will be key for the health sector in Europe


The European Pharmaceutical Association (PGEU) published this week a report highlighting the benefits of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. 

The report issued by the PGEU raises a series of challenges and opportunities related to the application of technologies in the health sector. Thus, on the side of challenges, he points out that one of the most complex aspects in the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is the interoperability and management of the data collected. The report points out that the large amounts of patient information also imply a challenge for the processing and analysis of this through Machine Learning.

Also, an important aspect with the automated management of patient data involves the treatment of sensitive data of patients. In that sense, it will be important to implement these technologies in compliance with applicable personal data protection standards (eg GDPR).

On the other hand, among the opportunities to be highlighted are the use of recipe and electronic medical history and the promotion of health through mobile applications. It also highlights that currently between 30 and 40 percent of pharmacies in Europe use dispensing robots.

Finally, the PGEU issues recommendations for the adoption of new technologies in this industry, pointing out, among other things, that pharmacies that make use of technology as an incentive should be reimbursed, as well as involving more community pharmacies for the development of digital policies at all levels (local, national and European) and for the preparation of guides and methods.


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