Works of art will be distributed through tokens

Digitization would have reached the original art

Swisscom, a Swiss telecommunications company, will distribute works of art in the form of tokens, according to its communication.

While technology has helped works of art reach more people, it has also allowed illegal reproduction.

On the other hand, digitization has allowed art to be copied without losing quality, but damaging the value of the original work. The NOOW application seeks to combat this.

100 works will be initially distributed by 30 artists through this application, which will allow selecting pieces and buying certified copies, without losing quality and within the law.

The Swiss company Dloop developed the NOOW application. Stefanie Marlene Wenger, curator, was in charge of selecting works of art, commenting that:

«It is about more than creating a virtual gallery; The next step will be to include curated exhibitions on the platform and a close collaboration with the galleries. »

Thus, the owner will receive a certificate of authenticity and will know how many copies of a work exist.

The artists praised this novelty: «NOOW helps me bring art to the screen. ”, said Jonas Baumann.

Also, the CEO of Dloop pointed out that «NOOW is turning digital art into a collector's item and creating value for it.»

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