NYC: New Covid-19 Mapping Method

As of today, New York City begins the phase of reopening outdoor food businesses, shopping in stores and returning to office work, he noted. The New York Times.

But, the coronavirus is still latent. For this reason, the city has hired 3000 disease detectives who have the ability to identify people who have been in contact with people who still have the virus to date. To do this, one of the ways they use to collect this information is through the mandate given to those in charge of apartment buildings, shops, restaurants and other private companies to collect data from visitors, and thereby achieve the follow-up of cases. Clearly, there will be a lot of information that cannot be covered, but it is a good database to start with.

Along with widespread Covid 19 testing and social distancing, contact tracing is one of the tools the city's public health department has to fight the disease. However, the first results of this new method raise concerns about the difficulties in preventing an increase in new cases as states across the country resume their activities as “normal”.

China, South Korea and Germany have also established these tracking protocols which have been of great help in slowing down the spread of the virus. People who attended social events such as weddings, funerals, karaoke bars, nightclubs, game rooms, among others, had to enter their names and their phone number so that the authorities could contact them and isolate contacts from infected people.

However, the difficulty that these “trackers” have encountered is that many people who tested positive for the Covid-19 did not provide them with that information, nor did they give them the details of their relatives in order to be able to record and put together a map of possible infected.

However, they know that the results will be more favorable as soon as they can visit people's homes. The truth is that they need the efficiency of this tool because they know that phase 2 of reopening involves the transfer of 300,000 people from their home to the office. Which, without proper control, can mean the outbreak of this deadly virus.

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