Moscow will develop a blockchain-based system for transparent urban services

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Moscow, capital of Russia, is looking for a contractor to develop a blockchain-based system to store the administrative services of the city.

The media They have indicated that the Moscow Department of Information Technology has announced an auction to build a blockchain-based system that will store the urban electronic services offered to citizens. The project development cost is estimated to be approximately US $ 860,000.00.

Among the list of services that will allow storing and managing the platform includes the issuance of documents related to property and residence rights, as well as the allocation of time slots for farmers in the city.

The construction of the platform is expected to last 60 days once the contractor has been chosen and the agreement signed. The Information Technology Department said its goal is to increase public confidence in electronic services by promoting transparency through the use of blockchain.

The platform will also be integrated with other projects that use blockchain, including a voting platform called Active Citizen that allows Moscow residents to express their preferences on urban issues such as the location of new bicycle lanes, street decoration, or the qualification of events that take place in the city.

Moscow has been testing Active Citizen since 2017. To this, there is a project that has to allow a number of districts to vote electronically during the next legislative elections, also relying on blockchain technology.

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