Microsoft invests in AI to improve healthcare services

Recently, the tech giant Microsoft has acquired Nuance, a specialist voice recognition company, as part of a strategy to empower artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The investment in question would be US $ 16 billion, according to what was indicated by Wired.

Likewise, Mark Benjamin, CEO of Nuance, has indicated that his company has been working to drastically reduce the administrative burden and the wear and tear of physicians while improving patient satisfaction, injecting intelligence in real time in the information channels, as well as in the care pathways and Elimination of unwanted obstacles in the provision of services, providing superior experiences to your clients.

In addition, Benjamin notes that the union of Nuance and Microsfot will serve as an important opportunity to help transform healthcare delivery to create a more sustainable future, stay at the forefront of digital transformation, and take advantage of all the latest advances in infrastructure and cloud security.

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