Microsoft creates decentralized identity application in Bitcoin

The launch of the decentralized digital identifier system ION, which works as a second layer network that works directly on the main Bitcoin network, was recently made public. Criptonoticias.

This decentralized identifier system (DIDs) it can be used to secure access to resources, sign and verify credentials, and facilitate application data exchange. Unlike usernames and traditional email addresses that serve to authenticate the identity of users and are stored in intermediaries, DIDs are controlled by the entity itself (be it a person, a device or a company), and they exist independently of any external organization or trusted intermediary.

In other words, this decentralized identifier system seeks to democratize the possession of information; so that the information contained in a DID will not be centralized, but control of this information will be exclusive to the owner of the identifier.

Microsoft has deployed an ION node in its production infrastructure and is working with other companies and organizations to do so as well. ION does not depend on centralized entities or trusted validators; nor does it respond to anyone other than the same person and the community. Since ION is an open and permissionless system, anyone can manage an ION node, and the more nodes that are up and running, the stronger the network.

Also, the Sidetree protocol was unveiled, which allows ION to run as a second layer application on Bitcoin. Sidetree can run on top of any decentralized system (eg Ethereum) allowing ION to work in a distributed and decentralized way.

It should be noted that this initiative is part of the projects developed within the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) whose mission is to create a decentralized identity ecosystem.

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