Miami: aspires to have "the most progressive cryptocurrency laws"

Mayor Francis Suarez is determined to promote the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Miami. According to an interview in Forbes, Miami lawmakers are studying the rules of crypto-friendly jurisdictions such as Wyoming and New York in the quest to promote regulatory incentives for the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

"We are working to ensure that our incentives are in place and that our legislation promotes cryptocurrencies and blockchain and is forward-thinking," Suarez said.

It should be noted that the mayor has recently made positive statements about cryptocurrencies, highlighting the possibility that in Miami employees may be allowed to charge in BTC instead of US dollars, as reported Cointelegraph.

He also proposed to allow paying fees and taxes using cryptocurrencies, as well as investing part of the city's treasury in BTC. Mayor Suarez did not provide a timetable for implementing the regulation, but his statements have definitely piqued interest among Miami residents.


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Adolfo Morán
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