Lagarde insists on the need to regulate Bitcoin

The president of the European Central Bank has stated that she considers it necessary to have a global regulation applicable to Bitcoin, as well as a coordinated supervision between regulators from different countries.

In an interview with Reuters, Christine Lagarde noted that "Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset, which has led to 'funny business', as well as interesting and totally reprehensible money laundering activities."

In this regard, Lagarde did not make a specific reference to any specific case of money laundering related to Bitcoin; However, he did indicate that he was aware of various criminal investigations into illegal activities related to its use. Cointelegraph.

«There has to be a regulation. This has to be applied and agreed to […] at the global level because if there is a leak, that leak will be used, "said Lagarde

On the other hand, Lagarde also referred to the possibility of the digital euro, to which he pointed out that the Eurozone could take up to four years to launch its digital currency.

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