The EU is interested in further adoption of blockchain technology

The European Commission takes into consideration that the member countries of the euro zone can issue sovereign bonds registered through distributed registries (DLT), and that in turn would encourage Brussels to continue in its bet on the regulation of crypto assets and platforms that operate with these (called MICA), that is why a Regulation has been presented that will facilitate the creation of a sandbox to use DLT technology, according to the portal El País.

In this sense, the European Parliament has taken into consideration both projects mentioned above, with the aim of fostering the adoption of a more favorable approach to the provision of financial services, for which reason it would not only consider stocks and bonds, but also sovereign debts, as long as their issuance has a value of less than 50 million, according to what is mentioned in said portal.

In the same way, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Spain, would be preparing a reform of the market law with the aim of incorporating blockchain technology to the Stock Market, with regard to the clearing, settlement and registration system, in addition this would streamline the process since this would occur automatically, which would lead to the elimination of operational processes for the sake of greater efficiency.

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