Facebook Oversight Board decides to maintain suspension against Donald Trump

The autonomous body of Facebook that acts in a similar way to a court on issues that concern the popular social network, called the “Facebook Supervisory Board”, has issued a ruling in the case of the indefinite ban on Facebook of official accounts of Donald Trump, after the former president of the United States made a series of comments that incited the "riot" of January 06 in the Capitol, facts that we reported in a previous note.

The Board deliberated whether the appropriate decision was made, considering the values ​​that the aforementioned social network represents in the face of the violent events that have arisen. Which, as we know, were motivated by the discontent of Trump's supporters, and the fact that the latter claimed that the presidential elections in his country had been "stolen." In that sense, Facebook proceeded to eliminate Trump's publications that could represent a risk by supporting those involved in the riots, and that also led to the suspension of their official accounts.

In this regard, the Board considered that the sanction of suspension of Donal Trump's accounts was a correct measure, however, the fact that this sanction was indefinite denotes its vagueness and its lack of standards, for which an additional six months were granted for let Facebook decide if they will maintain the veto against Trump. Likewise, a treatment policy was recommended for cases where public figures and politicians in general are involved, according to Wired.

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