Head of crypto at Visa considers CBDCs the most important trend for the future of money and payments

The Head of Crypto of Visa, Cuy Sheffield, stated in his Twitter account that the digital currencies of central banks (CBDC) are the most important trend for the future of money and payments in the next decade, and that regardless of personal opinion that people could have about whether it is good or bad, the truth is that interest will not disappear.

In subsequent tweets, he noted that governments are evaluating CBDCs, as these will have great implications on issues of privacy, monetary sovereignty, geopolitics, financial inclusion, as well as the global adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In addition, he invited all those interested in these issues to follow the various debates that exist about how CBDCs should be created and implemented.

According to the portal Cointelegraph, Visa would have already filed, earlier this year, a patent application for a digital currency. This reflects that Visa still maintains interest in digital currencies, despite withdrawing from the Facebook Libra project.

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