Japan joins forces with the US and Europe in regulating Big Tech

The Japanese state will join forces with the United States and Europe to prevent any market abuse by the four big technology companies, including Google - which recently showed intentions to buy the Fitbit smartwatch brand - and Facebook.

Kazuyuki Furuya himself, head of the competition and trade commission, mentioned that Tokyo will open an investigation into any merger or commercial arrangement made by the Fitbit brand, as long as the agreements reach a high amount, he said. Reuters.

In this regard, the European Union's free competition regulators launched an investigation in August following an agreement valued at close to two billion dollars, this agreement would have constituted the offer made by Alphabet (Google) to anticipate Apple and Samsung in the market of w.


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Elijah Casanova
Last year law student at the Universidad del Pacífico. With an interest in technology, business and law. New technologies are our letter to the future.


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