Ireland requires cessation of transfer of personal data to Facebook

The Irish Data Protection Commission issued a preliminary order against the social network Facebook which states that the company will no longer be able to send the data of its European users to its servers in the United States. El País It has pointed out that it is a new strategy to isolate most of the data it collects from European citizens or temporarily suspend it.

There are two main elements for which this order was issued. On the one hand, on July 16, the Court of Justice of the European Union decided to annul the Privacy Shield, so this is the first action against a technology company. On the other hand, the order was issued from Ireland where Facebook's European headquarters are located; however, it should be noted that the measure will affect all EU member countries equally.

For its part, Facebook has responded by stating that what is being asked will not be an easy task and will require time. Also, through a communication has indicated that this decision would bring serious consequences for users since the lack of data transfer would damage the economy and hinder the growth of companies based on data from the European Union.

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Sergio Puicon
Ninth cycle law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. With interest in Commercial Law, Fintech and Capital Markets. I believe in the power of information and technology as a tool to enhance it.


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