India: jail for social media employees who fail to comply with access restrictions

Specifically, the social networks in question would be WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. But why the employees? Why not go directly to these companies? Or is it that the thread always breaks on the weaker side?

It all started as a result of the massive protest by farmers in India after the rule was passed allowing farmers to sell directly to private buyers instead of selling to the government, he said. Business Insider. Why don't they want to sell to the private sector? Because the state guarantees them a minimum price, while, in the case of private companies, this is not the case.

As a result of these protests, the Indian government requested the restriction of access to social networks by farmers, presumably to reduce communication channels and the possibility of calling for subsequent demonstrations.

Twitter, for its part, had restricted accounts of journalists and activists who disseminated information about the daily events of the protests, as indicated by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India. However, for no apparent reason, they began to restore them.

In this sense, the Indian government sent letters to Facebook and Twitter referring to the representatives of such technological giants in India to achieve the fulfillment of their mission. What is unusual about the case is that the employees mentioned were threatened with sending them to jail if they agreed to the requests.

Finally, broadly, the Minister of Justice and Technology, Ravi Shankar, stated: “Kindly remind companies, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or WhatsApp, that they are free to work in India, do business, but they must respect the Indian constitution"


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Marilú Lazo
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