Tricoin: IBM and Spanish Civil Guard team up for new cryptocurrency

Man programming tricoin cryptocurrency

Cybersecurity League

Tricoin is the new cryptocurrency or token launched by the Spanish Civil Guard in association with IBM.

It is an incentive for the contestants of the first edition of the National Interuniversity League of challenges in cyberspace (CyberLeague).

This league is an initiative of the Civil Guard to promote cybersecurity talent and promote a culture of protection against cybercrime. 

The league is aimed at university students and professional training and will be developed in fifteen different university venues.

The participating teams will receive training from experts in cybersecurity and will live the practical experience of facing a series of cyber-attack situations.

As they overcome the challenges, different teams will accumulate points, and those who finish the first phase with a higher score will qualify for the grand final.

The winning teams will be awarded with a cryptocurrency, the tricoin, created specifically for this initiative in the platform of IBM Blockchain.

What is the tricoin for?

The tricoin has been created specifically for the National Interuniversity League of challenges in cyberspace.

In that way, the cryptocurrency will be used as a reward for the winning teams in the league.

So far, no more details have been given about tricoin, name allusive to the tricorn, the hat used by the Spanish Civil Guard.

However, in one Press release, the government noted the following about the tricoin:

The final winners and also those of each qualifying phase will be able to obtain a series of prizes, consisting of computer and telecommunications products, training grants and internships in companies. To exchange them, the participants will use a special cryptocurrency that the Civil Guard has created for the occasion, the "tricoin".

In this regard, tricoins would be used to acquire a variety of prizes in a virtual store, ranging from technological material, to scholarships and invitations to cybersecurity events.

It should be noted that Spain is a country that is quite involved in technology blockchain. Even, the Estate has constantly in its sights the cryptocurrencies.

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