Google develops quantum computer that threatens Bitcoin

He claims to have reached "quantum supremacy"

The promise of quantum computing has apparently come true a few days ago when Google published a new scientific article that claimed to have achieved "quantum supremacy." While this could have a great impact for the future, it is feared that it also represents a gigantic threat to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The document was recently uploaded to, but was quickly removed. A person close to Google said it is likely that the paper It was wrongly loaded before a peer review could be carried out, which would mean waiting months to see a final version of the investigation.

According to Fortune, which managed to obtain a copy of the paper before it was removed, the quantum processor, nicknamed "Sycamore", contains 54 quantum bits or Qubits. Qubits primarily denote data stores and are somewhat analogous to the binary digit within traditional computing. However, instead of the on / off states that restrict traditional computer data, in theory, quantum computing is only attenuated by the breadth of quantum mechanics. Technical jargon aside, this new creation is powerful.

"Quantum processors based on superconducting qubits can now perform calculations ... beyond the reach of the fastest classic supercomputers available today," the researchers write.

"As far as we know, this experiment marks the first calculation that can only be performed on a quantum processor," they added.

The Google team, who first wrote about their goal in an article by Nature Two years ago, he seems to have more hope for the short-term prospects of his findings. "As a result of these developments, quantum computing is in transition from a research topic to a technology that unlocks new computational capabilities," the researchers noted.

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