Technological giants will have to make the operation of their algorithms visible

The companies that dominate the technology industry will have to give explanations about the operation of their algorithms given the new rules imposed by the European Union, he said. Reuters. In addition, they will have to open their files on advertisements in front of regulators and researchers. This was declared by the head of digital affairs and competition for Europe.

This move will impact the US-based tech giants: Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, each owning huge databases and lucrative online advertising businesses. It's the algorithms that help companies target their ads to the users they want to connect with.

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager noted that the achievement is to light the way on how these algorithms work and ensure that companies can be held accountable for their decisions. According to her, the largest platforms have to provide more information about how their algorithms work when requested by regulators.

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Elijah Casanova
Last year law student at the Universidad del Pacífico. With an interest in blockchain technology, business and administrative law.


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