Facebook suspended Donald Trump for two years

Half a year ago, a group of extremists sympathetic to Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol in what would be the trigger for the controversial ex-president to be subjected to a kind of disciplinary procedure by the Facebook Oversight Board. After months of discussion and deliberation by this body, as reported The Chicago Tribune, it was finally decided to suspend their accounts for two years.

According to the statements of Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president of global affairs, at the end of the sanctioning period the expert council will be consulted to assess whether the risk to public safety has been mitigated. Clegg also mentioned that external factors such as new episodes of violence and other indicators of civil unrest will be taken into account.

This blockade becomes the most important precedent referring to a suspension against public figures in a context of civil unrest and violence carried out by Facebook. The social network thus said on its blog that those who violate these policies may be suspended from posting messages of any kind in the range of one month to two years.

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Elijah Casanova
Last year law student at the Universidad del Pacífico. With an interest in technology, business and law. New technologies are our letter to the future.


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