Facebook exceeded the maximum amount of a fine after dispute over user privacy

The company Facebook Inc. had to pay excessively about 4.9 billion dollars, as a result of a penalty imposed in a data privacy process in the US This amount would be the difference between the maximum penalty and what Facebook paid to the end of the judicial process. All this is confirmed in the last resolution o ruling issued by the American court, as reported by Reuters.

The information was released by a Delaware judge, and it cited part of a whitepaper that a law firm did for Facebook amounting to $ 5 billion as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. However, the agreement explicitly protected CEO Mark Zuckerberg, thus not complicating his legal woes further.

From the documents presented, there is no evidence or information on the reason why Facebook would have paid more than it was apparently obliged to pay for such a procedure. Finally, the Court of Chancery quoted this judicial document to let its shareholders know that they were trying to determine whether Facebook would have overpaid to protect Zuckerberg.

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Elijah Casanova
Last year law student at the Universidad del Pacífico. With an interest in technology, business and law. New technologies are our letter to the future.


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