Facebook limits news content in Australia

Today, Thursday, February 18, 2021, Facebook made effective the impossibility for Australian users to view or share news content, in response to the proposed law that would force technology companies to pay a consideration to editors of the news sharing, noted with the BBC.

Facebook through a note, has disagreed with the normative proposal insofar as it considers that the law would be misinterpreting the relationship between the platform and publishers, and that this has forced it to choose between trying to comply with a law that ignores the reality of the relationship, or limiting news content on their services in Australia, opting for the latter. And, there are disagreements between the technological giants and publishers, since the latter point out that the large platforms benefit from the news content that they are responsible for publishing. However, Facebook maintains that its platform has helped the news media industry increase its reach to the public.

It should be mentioned that the Google company would have complied with the terms of the regulatory proposal, for which it announced that they had recently signed a 3-year payment agreement with News Corp, in order to publish their news content, according to reports The New York Times.

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