Facebook: Massive data breach affects more than 533 million of its users

Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime firm Hudson Rock, through his twitter account, announced that more than 553 million Facebook user records have been leaked, which would also lead to data such as the phone number used to create the account and other personal data having been leaked. According to Gal, the database would have been created in January 2020 and would have been offered at a low price in different forums through an automated bot, however, today it has been made public for free, as he points out. the portal Hipertextual.

In that sense, the portal Business Insider, claims to have reviewed the sample of the filtered data and verified that several of the published records match telephone numbers that users were able to enter as username, as well as the record of email addresses associated with the password reset function of Facebook, which partially reveals the user's phone number.

Likewise, Gal has realized that of the affected users, 32 million records of US users, 11 million users from the United Kingdom and 8 million Peruvians would be immersed. According to Bussiness Insider, a Facebook spokesperson has indicated that such data was deleted in 2019, following a vulnerability flaw. However, so far, Facebook has not notified affected users about this data leak, so that they can be alert to possible identity theft attempts.

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