Facebook sues the EU for invasion of privacy

In the framework of the antitrust investigation being carried out by EU regulators, they questioned Facebook employees, apparently beyond what was necessary. Facebook's attorneys noted that the questions asked were very broad and were too broad in scope for antitrust investigations.

Antitrust investigations? It happens that Facebook launched a Marketplace in 2016 which is used by 800 million users in 70 countries to buy and sell items through said social network. But, its use, did not take long to generate controversy, because classified ads competitors have made complaints before the EU antitrust commission, pointing out that Facebook uses its market power (based on the immense information they handle) to give competitive advantage to said Marketplace, he pointed out Reuters.

In order to comply with the information requirements demanded by EU regulators, they have delivered around 315,000 documents, he said. Dailymail.

However, it appears that regulators have made a demand for information so broad that it would involve handing over confidential information about Facebook employees, such as their medical information, financial documents, and other private information concerning members of their families. employees.

Regulators make use of around 2500 search phrases such as "great question," "close," "not good for us," as they consider that such phrases may be helpful in finding information relevant to their research. However, such search phrases could also be found in employee health information, their performance appraisal, and even their job applications.

This invasion of privacy to Facebook employees has caused it to demand provisional measures in the General Court of Luxembourg, so that they can stop the requests of the regulators until it is decided by judicial means if an invasion of the privacy as claimed by Facebook.


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Marilú Lazo
Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). Director of The Crypto Legal Blog, she has experience in corporate advice, consumer protection, as well as in matters of personal data protection and new technologies.


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