Facebook must adapt to new measures that seek to protect privacy

This week, the social network announced through its financial director, that its quarterly income has been more than 29 million dollars, thus registering an increase of 56% compared to 2020, according to the portal CNN Business. However, although the recovery that the company has had after the COVID 19 pandemic is positive, they have also maintained that there are not good expectations for the future. 

This is due to the fact that they consider that certain changes in the regulation and of the platform itself, such as the news about privacy in iOS, may have an impact on the company, having to direct efforts to adapt to them.

This Apple software update will ask users for their consent for applications to track their behavior and sell personal and private data to advertisers for advertising purposes.

Likewise, at the legislative level, it is also seeking to regulate these businesses, such as the recent antitrust bills that have been proposed by the state. There has been friction recently, as President Biden had announced that misinformation by fake news I had only one responsible: social networks. 

It is interesting to see how a mechanism that definitely protects users ends up being harmful for some companies, whose business model is based on the processing of personal data. Are the measurements very demanding? Or was this protection of users' personal data really necessary? These are questions whose answers have diverse perspectives, and which are definitely the subject of wide debate by those involved. We will be waiting for the future of the relationship between social networks and privacy.

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Last year law student at the Universidad Católica San Pablo. Interested in new technologies, intellectual property, personal data and competition.


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