Facebook announces it will ban anti-vaccination propaganda

Facebook ad that he would soon be launching a new global policy through which he will ban any anti-vaccination propaganda. The Social Network will focus on propaganda that discourages people from getting vaccinated; however, it will allow propaganda that expresses opinions for or against government policies or legislation around vaccines (including a potential vaccine against Coronavirus).

It should be noted that this new ban is included within a series of policy changes that were announced by the company with the aim of eliminating problematic content from the different social networks under its control. Just as you listed CNBCAmong these are the Holocaust denial publications, the ban on pages and groups that revolve around the QAnon conspiracy, the temporary ban on political advertisements with a view to the US elections on November 3, the ban on groups that focus on giving users health advice, among others.

Finally, it must be remembered that this new policy vindicates what Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, had mentioned last month about anti-vaccination propaganda. Just as I had pointed out The GuardianZuckerberg rejected the proposal to carry out such a ban, noting that: “I have a little more confidence in democracy than that. And I hope that my confidence is not in place. What we do, and I think what the Internet does in general, is give individuals more power. "

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Sergio Puicon
Ninth cycle law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. With interest in Commercial Law, Fintech and Capital Markets. I believe in the power of information and technology as a tool to enhance it.


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