Facebook adds new features for the US elections

Today, Facebook has implemented new measures that add more context to troublesome political messages on its site, as well as expand its guidelines around hate speech (hate speech), as reported The New York Times.

The recent measures adopted by Facebook respond to the criticism that the social network has been receiving in recent weeks. Thus, Facebook has been facing growing opposition from its largest advertisers regarding its position on hate speech, which generates most of its annual revenue.

Regarding the measures related to the messages on the elections, Facebook will put labels on all the messages on its platform that discuss the issue of voting, which are intended to hinder or deprive voters of their right to vote in the elections of November. The labels will direct users to more accurate information about the elections. 

However, it should be noted that in case the messages come from the accounts of political figures, such as President Donald Trump, they will receive a label indicating that the message is considered of "journalistic interest", not altering its content. 



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Adolfo Morán
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