Chinese students want to engage in the cryptoactive industry

As reported, a survey conducted among university students in China indicates that many of them see a bright future for cryptocurrencies in their country.

A quarter of respondents said they would seek employment in the industry that deals with digital assets and related technologies. Approximately one of every 12 students already has virtual assets.

Unlike the authorities, who do not see cryptocurrencies (which are decentralized) with good eyes, the Chinese people have begun to adopt cryptocurrencies with much less hesitation and for obvious reasons, not only for the utility they provide, but also for their censorship resistance.

The survey confirms that young people and technology experts have positive expectations about the future of crypto space. More than 8% of Chinese students currently own some cryptocurrency, while another 9% has previously invested in digital assets.

It should be noted that almost 27% of the survey students indicated that they would seek employment in the growing blockchain and crypto industry in the future. The media remain the main source of information about the crypto space and almost 40% of students describe media reports as influential.

Despite the above, about a quarter of the participants admit that they know nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The 22% recognizes that the coverage in the mainstream media is mostly negative, while the 17% states that it hears more positive news.

The study authors point out that cryptocurrency-related educational courses are still rare in Chinese higher education institutions. At the same time, the level of awareness about cryptocurrencies is relatively high, with 67% of respondents stating that they know about Bitcoin. Around 15% admitted that they had not heard anything about the project Libra, Ethereum one or. Finally, only seven of the respondents knew all the terms of a list that included words such as "mining," "stablecoin," and "hash value."

Although the People's Republic of China is approaching cryptocurrencies with caution and has already tried to limit their spread in the Chinese economy, the government has not turned a blind eye to the development of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. For example, The China Industrial Information and Development Center publishes rankings of several current crypto projects.

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