Americans Support Executive Order Against TikTok

According to the report of ReutersBased on a national Ipsos poll, XNUMX percent of Americans support President Trump's decision to threaten to ban the TikTok app if it is not sold to a US buyer. This suggests that many support the effort to separate the app from its Chinese "parent."

In the poll released today, about 1349 adults in the United States were surveyed, of whom thirty percent disagreed and another thirty percent did not know what to answer. For the analyst, Dipajan Chateterjee, there is clearly a politicization of TikTok. TikTok users have wowed teens with short videos.

As is known, the application was recently declared a national security risk in the United States for collecting a lot of private data from American consumers, which would amount to one hundred million monthly active users in the United States. Given this, apparently, the company will be bought by Microsoft or Oracle.

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Elijah Casanova
Last year law student at the Universidad del Pacífico. With an interest in technology, business and law. New technologies are our letter to the future.


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