United States: Biden denounces social networks for fake news

According to the BBC News, United States President Joe Biden, has warned that the spread of false information circulating on social networks about Covid 19 is what is killing people. He blames companies like Facebook for allowing them to host that type of information on their platforms, which contain erroneous data about coronavirus vaccines. In turn, he also maintained the following: "Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and that, and they are killing people."

For some time the government of the North American country has been trying to get its population vaccinated, so it is looking for different ways to promote vaccination. And previously, the state had already warned that they were spreading fake news, but these statements were more direct, blaming the companies and holding them responsible for letting this happen.

On the other hand, a day before Biden's statements, the United States surgeon general criticized technology companies and social networks, pointing out how dangerous the information that circulates in them is, because he considers it a threat to public health.

New York Times indicated that the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, alleged that the information in question is encouraging more people not to get vaccinated, so they run the risk of dying if they contract the disease. Therefore, being a public health issue, the government has a duty to get involved.  

Due to the situation, there has been a boom in this type of news, and despite the fact that technology companies, and specifically social networks, seek to be a space where freedom of expression is allowed for all users; Efforts have been made to avoid information that harms those same users, so mechanisms are sought to achieve filters that identify the fake news.

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