The WhatsApp message that you should not open

Recently the Internet User Security Office warned about an email campaign in which he impersonates the identity of Whatsapp. Simulates a backup conversations in the application and the call history. The message includes a link that download a virus on your computerTo do this, the user must receive the email, click on the link and execute the file that is downloaded.

According to The Republic  Internet User Security Office ensures that if the user has received the email but has not executed the downloaded file, their device may not have been infected.

As a precaution “all you have to do is delete the file that you will find in the download folder. You should also send the mail you have received to the trash ”, recommends the agency.

The body reminds users that, in case of doubt about the legitimacy of an email, they should not click on any link or download any attached file.

"To check the veracity, you can contact the company or the service that supposedly sent you the email, always through their official customer service channels.", they explain.

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Javier Garcia
Lawyer from the César Vallejo Private University (UCV) has experience in civil law, administrative law, telecommunications law, consumer protection, as well as legal research on issues of commercial law, personal data protection and new technologies.


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