USA: Former Uber and Lift workers found drivers' cooperative

After a series of disputes between the autonomous drivers of Uber and Lyft, and their respective companies, a group of more than 2500 drivers have organized to make viable The Drivers Cooperative, a cooperative in New York that allows them to compete against these companies, charging a lower commission and cheaper rates, reported The New York Times.

This cooperative would have planned to pay an extra 10 percent to the minimum wage established by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, and that the profits, in the same way, will be returned to the drivers as dividends, so this scheme could make it more attractive to drivers. However, Uber has reported that it currently has a driver deficit, which is why it has increased bonuses and incentives to recover drivers in the aforementioned city, but salaries are expected to fall again once the supply of drivers recovers, pointed to the aforementioned portal.

It is worth mentioning that this cooperative will be operating in the coming days in New York through an independent platform, which is why it receives technical and commercial assistance from volunteers in the technology industry. Additionally, several drivers have noted that they will likely continue to drive for companies like Uber and Lyft, but that they will add to The Drivers CooperativeOthers have even indicated that they will give priority to the latter.

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