Dogecoin increased in value by 80 percent in just one day

The popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin has had a good day in the last few hours, since its value has increased by 80%, thus reaching US $ 0.13, which represents a market capitalization of 17 trillion US dollars, according to what pointed out by CNN Business.

Although the beginning of Dogecoin is related to humor and mockery, this increase in its value has placed the cryptocurrency within the 10 most appreciated by market capitalization. Of course, the increase in the value of the popular cryptocurrency comes from a series of endorsements from celebrities such as Elon Musk, who made publications in support of the cryptocurrency through his Twitter, which was widely accepted by the community.

Likewise, part of the support that Dogecoin receives comes from the media, sports and entertainment spheres, as proof of this is the case of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team store, which would have sold more than 122,00 Doge in articles , according Cointelegraph.

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