They stop the forced sale of Tiktok in the United States

As we have pointed out in previous notes, Since last year ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns the Tiktok application, has faced a legal battle with the United States Department of Justice, since former President Donald Trump issued an executive order that would force the Chinese company to sell the application to a company with majority control of the United States.

And although the legal disputes are still ongoing in federal courts, information has emerged that the Joe Biden administration would carry out a new review of the security contingencies of Chinese technology companies, in order to determine if they can be considered as a threat to national security, according to what was indicated by the portal The Wall Street Journal.

As a result, the plan to force the sale of Tiktok's US operations to a group made up mainly of Oracle Corp. and Walmart Inc. has been shelved indefinitely, which gives ByteDance a break, and would even open the possibility to rescind the executive order.

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