From Ethereum Lima they invite to a virtual meeting on Decentralized Finance

The next Saturday, November 27 from 3 to 4:30 PM (Peru time) there will be a meetup focused on decentralized finance entitled "DeFi Farm". It is an initiative of Ethereum Lima. 

The idea of ​​holding this event arose due to the current great interest of the Peruvian public in learning about the different ways to generate profits in the crypto ecosystem. Therefore, they decided that this time they would hold a talk "HODL type". This means that the topics will focus on the Ethereum ecosystem in its financial part.

For this occasion, the event will serve to introduce and learn about Pooltogether, the lottery of no loss. The so-called "savings game" is one of the applications that has received a lot of attention in recent months, mainly due to the recent airdrop of the POOL governance token.

For Adolfo Moran, “Pooltogether is one of the most interesting applications of the DeFi ecosystem, precisely because it relativizes the concept of 'lottery' where it is assumed that those who do not win the prize, lose their investment. In Pooltogether it is the opposite, you may not win the prize, but you do not lose the investment either "

For his part, Juan Diego Salcedo mentioned that "this is a great opportunity for the community to learn about Pooltogether, I am sure that the vast majority will be very interested in the idea proposed by this application and surely they are encouraged to participate" .

Invited speakers

The exhibitors of this specialized event will be Nahuel burbach (Pooltogether Head of Product and Communities for Latin America) and Juan David Reyes (who works with the firm Status). Both are dedicated to disseminating the advantages of DeFi in Latin America, so that participants can learn about decentralized finance from the hand of two experts.

Objectives of the talk

As explained by the organizers, on the details of the objectives of this HODL-type talk, after the conversation, which will last approximately an hour and a half, the attendees would end with the following experiences:

  • Knowledge about what DeFi means
  • Knowledge about the Status wallet and how it is used to invest in DeFi
  • Knowledge of Pooltogether, its features and benefits
  • Exploring savings and investment options using cryptocurrencies.

More information and registration

Those interested in more information or in registering to participate in the meetup, can enter here!.

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Adolfo Morán
Adolfo is Founder and Executive Director of Lawgic Tec, a non-profit association dedicated to research on law and new technologies. Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP); specialized in Financial Law, FinTech, Financial Consumer Protection, Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Crowdfunding. Researcher accredited by the PUCP. Co-organizer of the Ethereum community from Lima, Peru. Email:


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