Craig Wright lashes out at Bitcoin websites

The self-described Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, continues to generate controversy in the Bitcoin community, as he has now brought legal action for copyright infringement against the current administrators of the websites and According to what Wright declared, these pages would have stolen his whitepaper, committing infringement of your copyright on said document, as well as the name Bitcoin and the property of the website, as indicated by Cointelegraph.

Likewise, the accusations emphasize stating that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin and owner of; however, the owner of said website, a developer known by the pseudonym "Cobra", reportedly rejected the accusations by Wright and his lawyers.

However, Cobra mentioned that website developer WladimirJ. Van der Laan, "gave up" without talking to him beforehand, giving credit to Wright's false claims, given that the latter would have deleted the copy of the PDF of the whitepapper of bitcoin.

In this regard, Van der Laan pointed out through his Twitter account that he would not be a bitcoin martyr, and that it is up to the community to protect the system.

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