Peru: Corte del Callao implements User Service Module and digital platform

In order to provide a better service to citizens, the Court Superior of Justice of Callao, inaugurated the Module Judicial User Service (MAU) and put the Web platform "The service of justice in your hands”, Where the population will be able to find out about the status of their judicial processes and access, in real time, all the services and applications implemented by the Judicial Power.

According to A Peruvian man President of the Court of Callao, Flower Aurora Guerrero Roldán, reported that, with these two tools, lawyers and litigants will be able to find out about their processes and access all services or applications such as free virtual and face-to-face legal guidance, WhatsApp consultations and requests and claims tray.

Among other functions we have: guidance to submit applications to the central file of files, the issuance of the electronic certificate of homonymy, issuance of the electronic certificate of delinquent food debtor and the authorization of judicial fees.

Finally, these changes in the administration of justice are a sign that the Peruvian state will continue to bet on technological reforms and at accessibility to the population.

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Javier Garcia
Lawyer from the César Vallejo Private University (UCV) has experience in civil law, administrative law, telecommunications law, consumer protection, as well as legal research on issues of commercial law, personal data protection and new technologies.


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