Coronavirus is a test for the technology industry

Certainly, what the technology industry can do to control the epidemic in mainland China is limited, but the government has made it clear that fighting the virus that is afflicting its population is a national priority that requires collective action. As mentioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping: "the fight against the epidemic cannot be achieved without the support of science and technology."

That is why technology companies in the country have begun to make autonomous vehicles available to supply medical workers with supplies. Similarly, many drones are being equipped with thermal cameras in order to detect the temperature in people and verify if they need medical attention. Usually, The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has urged the technology sector to deploy all kinds of machines or robots that help reduce human contact. And obviously, they are making their technological resources available to help with the development of the long-awaited vaccine, he said. CNN.

On the other hand, another of the measures that the Chinese government is promoting, are the online purchase options and digital food delivery services and mobile payments for all citizens who remain inside their homes in order to reduce the spread of the virus Without a doubt, it is valuable that these are viable options.

Additionally, the Chinese startup, Shanghai TMIRob has sent dozens of robots to Wuhan hospitals to perform disinfectant spray functions in isolation rooms, intensive care units, among others.

The Chinese multinational Tencent (provider of internet products and services and other internet advertising services - also accused of censoring politically sensitive content online in China) opened its supercomputing facilities so that virus vaccine researchers can do using their machines that can perform calculations at a much higher speed than a common PC. Similarly, the largest passenger transport provider in China, DIDI, has made its servers available to medical association researchers who need to perform data analysis or online simulation tasks.

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Marilú Lazo
Bachelor in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). He has experience in corporate advice, as well as personal data protection and new technologies.


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