Learn how to obtain the Digital RUC in five minutes

Digital RUC

Now it is possible to obtain the Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC), in five minutes and without leaving home, according to Andean, The procedure is very simple; first of all, the application must be installed «Sunat people» on your cell phone from Google Play o APP Store . On the other hand, If you need to obtain it through your computer, you just have to enter the Sunat Portal, click on the option "Sign up for the RUC" and answer some questions.

Second, you must enter the DNI number and then carry out the remote biometric fingerprint verification, which allows you to verify the identity of the applicant with the Reniec database.

As a last step, you must complete the information that is requested to generate your own SOL Key, which is the access door to the platform «Sunat Online Operations », which will allow you to access various services such as: issuing invoices, sales tickets and receipts for electronic fees. You can even file income tax returns, review deductible expenses, among others.

Likewise, the national Superintendent Luis Enrique Vera Castillo highlighted that to date more than 200,000 people have registered and obtained the SOL Code: 52% of them from the interior of the country and 48% in Lima, in this way citizens will be able to access a job, provide a service or start a business formally.

He also stressed that the implementation of the Digital RUC has contributed to prevent that number of people from being exposed to the risk of contagion from COVID-19, when they travel to a SUNAT office. 

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