Compatibility for smart home devices from Apple, Google and Amazon

Leaving aside the years of competition, these three technology giants have come together to launch the “Project Connected Home Over IP” he said Business Insider. Its purpose is to adopt a new connectivity standard that allows different smart home products to be compatible and thus ensure that your device can be configured and controlled with your preferred system.

This connectivity standard will be used by all the creators of smart home products, so their work will be simplified, and at the same time, consumers will avoid moments of confusion and stop worrying about the compatibility of the products they wish to purchase. . However, it is not that the products of these companies will exchange functions or characteristics with each other, but that the project only reconciles their connectivity.

The project will be based on the internet protocol or "IP" which is the most used network layer at home and in offices, unlike most home devices, whose protocols are patented, which needs connectivity to a home network using proxy servers and dedicated translators

According to Expansion, this initiative will allow the smart device market to grow by 14.4% annually.

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Marilú Lazo
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