China: Digital Yuan is used through physical cards

As previously reported, via Sorteos y gifts, the use of the digital yuan has been encouraged in the People's Republic of China. Now, a use case has been implemented at the Jiaotong University School of Medicine, located at Shanghai Tongren Hospital.

Indeed, students and medical staff can now make payments with the digital yuan, but without the need to download the mobile application, but only with physical cards, as can be seen in the video from New China TV.

This modern card stores digital yuan and uses near field communication (NFC) technology that allows the cardholder to make payments at certain points of sale, reports Criptonoticias.

As can be seen, in the upper right corner there is a liquid crystal screen or LCD in which it reflects the amount of consumption, the balance available on the card and other elements related to the payment that is made at the time, such as explain local media.

At the moment, Tongren Hospital plans to accept payments via the card for diagnostic tests, treatments and parking tickets. Ma Jun, who is director of the health center, highlighted the advantage that the use of this card offers, mainly for elderly people who are not used to using smartphones

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